Sweet Bee Honey Farms NUC PRESALES FOR 2018 SOLD OUT

2018 5 FRAME NUC

Do you have 5 frame nuc plans for spring 2018?



 Our Nucs consist of five frames packed with bees, eggs, young brood and a frame or two of honey/nectar.  Each nuc will have a newly mated queen and sure to be laying lots of eggs. These frames will need to be transferred into a larger 8 or 10 frame hive when you get them to your Apiary.  

  We currently only sell 10 frame equipment that can be purchased on this store. Everything you need to manage your new colony can be bought on this online store. If you plan on transferring these nucs into hive bodies that you purchased from us, indicate if you will be picking up your supplies when you pick up your nuc(s). If you want us to ship your purchased supplies before you pick up your nucs, just choose the option “ship now”. 


Please make sure you have read and understood the requirements below and understand the costs before ordering your NUC.  

Pick up Schedule:  

To be announced but probably around the 2nd week in May , weather permitting. We will also email you when we know the exact day for pick-up.

If we have a second pick-up date we will post it here.

Paying for your order on this website means you agree, understand and will comply with the information contained in this document. This information is extremely important! Ordering mistakes will be your responsibility.  

2018 Nuc price are $175.00 Each

Payment in full will be required prior to picking up your bees.

Our bees are Utah sweet bees. These are hardy bees that come from strong healthy stock.

5 deep 9 5/8" frames with bees a new queen bee and brood in all developmental stages.

 The frames size for these Nucs are standard deep 9 1/8" .

All orders are first come first serve! We do apologize, but will more than likely sell out due to the quality of these nucs. To avoid missing out, we suggest you place your order as soon as possible.

When we receive payment for your bees on this website, you are guaranteed to get your bees.

Please: realize that if you order Nuc(s) You are responsible for picking up the bees. If you order Nucs(s) for friends and something happens You own the bees. Thank you all for understanding!


All orders after the date listed below, are subject to a cancellation fee per Nuc. 

Please take into consideration our time and effort that it takes to get the Nucs ready! 

The cancellation fee for any Nuc canceled after January 1st, 2018  $50 per Nuc.

Would you like your Nuc installed in your equipment or a nuc cardboard box? There is a charge for each Nuc installation requested. Your equipment must arrive before 12:00 pm (Noon) on the day of pick-up. For your convenience and ours, you may drop your equipment off a few weeks or days in advance. Please bring your hive body, bottom board, hive lid,  5 frames with foundation in them, also a ratchet strap to hold the hive together when it is being moved.

NUCs are ready to be moved/picked-up at dark….. because all of the bees are home for the night. Depending upon next year's season the time may vary from 7:30 to 8:50 pm. Then you will want to take your bees directly to your apiary.

WE DO NOT SHIP ANY BEES. Local pick-up only. (in or near Bountiful, Utah. Exact location to be announced)

Please plan ahead: Get all of your equipment ready before the nucs are to be picked up.

You will receive a thank you letter / order confirmation after you submit your payment. The letter will be sent to the email address that you gave us at the time you ordered. Please keep this letter it has information that you need at the time of pick-up

We will announce on this site when the nuc pick up date(s) will be.

Thank you from all of us at Sweet Bee Honey Farms!!