About Us

Sweet Bee Honey Farms- A reliable source for all your beekeeping needs

If you’re looking for a reliable source for all your beekeeping needs, then you’re come to the right place; Sweet Bee Honey Farms is here for you.

Sweet Bee Honey Farms offers sturdy supplies and live bees for your beekeeping. Our 5 frame Nucs are great for honey production and more robust than our competitors. Our beekeeping supplies are crafted using choice lumber that last longer, and our joints are of a stronger design. We buy our supplies in bulk to pass on our savings to our customer. We are big enough to handle any order but small enough to be more personable. We also mentor beginner beekeepers as well as advanced beekeepers.

Visit https://sweetbeehoneyfarms.com have a look at our store and see our quality, and affordable beekeeping supplies.